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{December 7, 2009}   For Your Well Being

Alright.  A few days ago I posted about doing P90X.  Well, I went to GNC to see what things I could help to go along with that.  The woman recommended I do a one week cleanse.  So, per her instruction, I purchased a Well Being kit.

Now, I’m all for things that are good for your body and such – even if they are gross.  But this is really gross.  There are these 4 bottles of this stuff you have to drink and it’s GREEN.  Like… thick GREEN stuff.  We’re talking wheat grass…

Now, the stuff is citrus flavored so it isn’t horrible tasting but it is hard to get past the color and the fact that there are green floaty things in the already green drink.  Luckily, you only drink two the first day and two the second.  The other seven days you just take some pills.  Pills I can do, no problem.  I’m just glad that I have day one down and only tomorrow to go with the green stuff.

I wasn’t really sure what this would do.  Would I end up spending half my time in the bathroom to “detoxify” myself?  And I am in the bathroom a little more than normal – peeing all the darn time!  The recommend pushing a lot of water while using this, and I have. So that could be half the reason for all the toilet trips.

So, that’s my excitement for the day.  The joy of a stay home mom!

I’m not sure what to do for my picture today and I need to update on my last two pictures.

Day five:

And Day Six:

I don’t really care for day six too much, but I wanted to feature my little bubble lights some how.  Without a fancy pants camera I can’t catch the great bubble action in the light.  I attempted to get bokeh with the lights but wasn’t successful.  My dof sucks with this camera. :o(


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