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This morning has largely been devoted to taking pictures of my son and editing them so as to print and place them into Christmas cards.

Thing is… I am having a hard time choosing what image to use!  I could reshoot… but honestly, taking pictures of a toddler is a little frustrating and the lighting in my living room is poor so it results in blurry photos.  Factor in that my child can’t sit still for longer that two seconds and you get a real mess.  I should be glad he at least left the Santa hat on.  (Still a little crank and amused that he wouldn’t hold his stuffed penguin right side up.  I’d fix it but by the time I set up to take a shot the penguin was feet side up again…)

Let me start by posting the original images:

Pose One – Original Shot

Pose Two – Original Shot

Pose Three – Original Shot

Now onto the processed images.  I’m going to cull out the shots that wouldn’t print well simply because there would be far too many images to post.  Sad, because they are all cute but you get to see the original cuteness above.

Let’s call this “Option A”.  Two actions used here.  I’m tempted to try these actions on the smiling     picture of my son.

This is going to be Option C.  Adjusting the light would help this image, otherwise I think it will be unprintable.

To keep in tune with my Flickr account, we’re going to call this option D.

Option G.  Something about the softness in the shot hits me.  But I’m not sure this one is really in the running.

Okay… so, in a comment I would love to hear what people think.  If there is an original you’d like to see processed in another fashion, let me know that too.  Thanks all!!!


{June 20, 2009}   Disturbing Behavior

73/365 Pablo The Penguin

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Meet Pablo, my son’s bath toy. I personally have an obsession with penguins so when I saw this I had to get it for him. I got this when he was six months old. We’re only now just using it at 19 months. He was terrified of the toy! It has a small motor and the noise really upset him. For two weeks after that he would scream when we put him in the tub, even when Pablo wasn’t around. My poor kid.

Anyway, on to why I am calling this post Disturbing Behavior. No, it has nothing to do with the lame movie (that yes, I watched over and over). What is upsetting me at the moment is the sound of dogs in pain. Most people know that in Korea people eat dog. What is upsetting is that I live near a dog farm. Without getting into gory details… let’s just say they tenderize the meat while the animal is still alive. I can hear the yelps. Frankly, it makes me want to vomit. I know I need to be more accepting of other cultures but this just seems so cruel. It is one thing about here I will not miss when I return to the states.

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