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{December 3, 2009}   Busy Day But Nothing To Say

Day Three of the 24 Days of Christmas – done.

Today was a cleaning day.  Worked in the house until a little after two and then I took the little man outside to play.  Met up with the neighbor across the street who has a little girl a few months younger than Bradley.  They played for awhile and I realized that Bradley has forgotten how to share.  He used to be so good at it… but he’s been out of playgroups and hourly care sessions for a few months.  Woops!  I know I need to get him back in hourly care, just for the social interaction (as well as for my sanity).

I had wanted to share some of the things I that put on Bradley’s wish list for Christmas, toys made from recycled products – way cool, but I’m tired tonight.

Slacked on my P90X because I was sore but I think I made up for total lack of activity with the cleaning.  It’s the monthly “big scrub” I like to do where every surface is over turned.  I guess it’s a mini spring cleaning… or fall or winter… whatever.


{December 2, 2009}   Flab To Fab In 90 Days?

Alright, something I failed to mention yesterday is that I finally started a new fitness program I’ve been waiting to try.  What I was waiting for exactly, I don’t know.  But I finally started yesterday and boy am I sore.  I might be insane for starting this, but I’m now doing P90X.  And when people say that it is extreme, they mean it.  Yesterday was Core Synergistic and I will be honest, I couldn’t complete the full disk.  I grew light headed and I had a raging headache.  I pushed myself as far as I could before I had to stop.  I was fifteen minutes short of completing the work out.  It’s embarrassing but it would have been worse if I passed out. 😉

Well, I woke up this morning and boy was I sore!!!  I was sore in places that I didn’t know existed (okay, not true but it sounds good).  My glutes were sore, my abs were sore, my triceps were sore… shoulders, you name it!  But I felt FANTASTIC!!!  Today was a cardio routine.  This work out completely blew my mind.  I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, perhaps an hour of running in place?  Nope!  This combined yoga, kenpo, plyometrics… It’s a low-impact routine and it WILL kick your ass.  I had a blast when I was wanting to kill someone.

Another aspect of P90X is the nutrition.  The program comes with a full nutrition guide that breaks things down for you.  I haven’t read the entire thing (hello, over 100 pages) but I’m trying to be better with what I eat.  Yesterday’s breakfast was egg beaters with salsa.  Snack: greek yogurt with granola.  Lunch: romaine lettuce with goat cheese, cucumbers, almonds and strawberry basil balsamic vinegar with a half can of tuna.  Dinner was probably bad.  Rice with corn and ham.  I didn’t eat that much because my appetite was shot but then later some M&Ms found me.  I really should throw that stuff out.

Today has started off well diet wise.  Egg beater with a little goat cheese for flavor. Snack was the same as yesterday and once I cool off a little more and shower it will be lunch time.  Really pushing the water today. Drank 2 L before noon.  Need some more.  That work out wiped me out.

I also took my “before” or “day one” pictures.  If anything, these pictures are the most motivating thing ever.  I know this program will show me results.  The pictures are embarrassing and frankly, they are disgusting.  I don’t know if I will EVER post these, even once I do the 90 days and have a better body.  It’s a shame to think that I let myself go so badly.  Hell, I don’t even want to show the hubby these pictures and he KNOWS what I look like.  Blegh.

So… day two of the Lean program down.  If all goes well I will do the regular program for 90 days or jump into the doubles (though already doubling on lean with extra cardio/walking).

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