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{December 3, 2009}   Busy Day But Nothing To Say

Day Three of the 24 Days of Christmas – done.

Today was a cleaning day.  Worked in the house until a little after two and then I took the little man outside to play.  Met up with the neighbor across the street who has a little girl a few months younger than Bradley.  They played for awhile and I realized that Bradley has forgotten how to share.  He used to be so good at it… but he’s been out of playgroups and hourly care sessions for a few months.  Woops!  I know I need to get him back in hourly care, just for the social interaction (as well as for my sanity).

I had wanted to share some of the things I that put on Bradley’s wish list for Christmas, toys made from recycled products – way cool, but I’m tired tonight.

Slacked on my P90X because I was sore but I think I made up for total lack of activity with the cleaning.  It’s the monthly “big scrub” I like to do where every surface is over turned.  I guess it’s a mini spring cleaning… or fall or winter… whatever.


{July 11, 2009}   Holy Moses!

Alright. First let me start with yesterday. Bradley went into daycare for two hours and I didn’t see the point in driving home only to turn around in an hour and come back to get him. So I decided to get my geek on and I took my laptop to Starbucks. I was so excited, yes, I am a dweeb. Anyway, I got my Lemongrass Tzao Tea (YUM!) and sat down to indulge in my geekage.

Not too long after a guy walks in to get something and as he is in line he sees me and smiles. I didn’t think anything of it so I smiled back. I mean, hello… I’ve been married for six years. When is the last time someone – let alone a guy- randomly smiled at me? I turned back to my geek-a-thon and the next thing I know he’s sitting down across from me and striking up a conversation. Or at least, he is trying to. I think I suddenly went retarded!

Let me take a moment to point out this this guy wasn’t an idiot or anything. I didn’t have my wedding ring on. I never wear it when I go to the gym because my hands swell and the rings get tight and then they slide with all the sweat. I never put them back on after spin class the night before. So no… he really wasn’t in the wrong by trying to chat me up.

I felt like such a… I don’t know. I was horrified! Mostly at my actions and I felt GUILTY when the guy went to meet his friend. We talked for maybe all of five minutes and I swear it felt like an hour.

I met with hubby later and he just laughed. He’s like “you are a pretty girl, of course he hit on you”. Ugh. (By the way, I’m not really all that pretty… husbands have to say that kind of thing or they don’t get any.) So lets just say, because of my reaction to this guys actions, it is still a topic of joking today. I don’t think I’ll live this one down.

On to less embarrassing news! I got a new shampoo today. It’s from Alba organics and it smells so great. I also got a skin firming lotion from the same company. Lets hope it works. Too bad all natural products cost so much!

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