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{December 1, 2009}   The Ho-Ho-Holidays

Well, I started my Christmas shopping for my son.  Lucky for me, his excitement at toys brightened my mood.  Christmas isn’t for me anymore, it’s for him.  I have to keep that in mind and make his holiday fun.  So today was filled with Christmas music and decorating.

The kiddo and I hit Target today and picked up some clothes on sale and got a few 3T for next year.  I love the Paul Frank stuff so when I see it on sale I pick it up.  Of course the things I got full price two weeks ago were on clearance this week.  Figures.  I should never buy things full price.

Anyway.  For the kiddo I got a LeapFrog Jr Tag reader and a book to go with it.  Something like this will be nice in cars for long drives and to use at home.  He LOVES books so this could be beneficial to him.

And people that know me RL will get a kick out of the book I chose.

We also picked up some Converse All Stars! He had a pair of blue high tops as an infant and I couldn’t resist getting him the black ones today!

I also picked up a few stocking stuffers for him.  Play dough and a miniature game to leave in the car.  It’s going to be hard not to give him these things early.

Afterward we went and played at PetSmart.  Bradley loves looking at the fish and birds.  We have fish at home but they hide from him so PetSmart is a treat for him.

Gypsy got a present too but she got hers today.  I’m tired of giving her wet food on our good plates so she got her own little meow cat dish.

I also accomplished hubby’s holiday shopping as well.  Hubby is an avid golfer and I usually end up getting him something golf related.  I had thought of getting him a season pass to the local course but we aren’t sure if he’ll deploy or not, so I could just end up wasting my money there.  Instead I got him a rolling hand cart for his bag.

Not a big deal but I know that it is something he’ll enjoy.

And the real treat (for me) was when we got home.  The mail person dropped off a storage bench I ordered for Bradley’s room!!!  The kiddo had fallen asleep on the drive home so I was able to put this baby together in peace.  When Bradley woke up he was pretty excited to see a new toy.  We played with it in the living room for a little while before going up to his room and  organizing toys.

Excuse the mess in the living room.  There is always some stray piece of clothing or toy laying around.  It doesn’t matter how often I clean up.

Afterward, we finished up the tree and finished setting up the village I painted last Christmas.

I was able to find some flameless candles to stick inside each of the houses. I lit up the church so you get an idea of what it looks like. They flicker too!!!


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