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{June 25, 2009}   Running In Circles

78/365 Running In Circles


Another day in the gym. I switched up the cardio today and did 15 minutes on the bike and then 15 on the elliptical. Afterward I decided to try my hand (or would that be feet/legs?) on the track. Holy crap. Major difference between the machines and the track. This track is rubberized and I could tell the difference. Extra bounce.

But seriously…. BORING!!! Thank goodness for my music otherwise I’d end up quitting. The music makes all the difference. I do prefer much harder music when I run. The angrier the better too. It pushes me to do more and go further. Or course, how far can I really go in an indoor track? Ha!

So I was talking with a friend today and I realized… I tell to much about myself. Of course, being an anonymous blogger it isn’t that big of a deal. I can talk about my life if no one really knows who I am (save for the select few that do). But even in instant messages, I need to be more careful. I don’t give out credit information or anything, but I guess I don’t need for people to know everything about me. Besides, a little mystery to me wouldn’t be a bad thing.


{June 24, 2009}   Frustrated Incorporated

77/365 Anything But Love


I am so tired today and I’m not sure why. I’ve done my share of running around, took the baby to the doctors, had to get an eye exam myself, got new contacts and glasses, met hubby for lunch… by the time I got home I was bushed. And I haven’t even gotten to the gym yet! Today is a late day for the gym since Bradley isn’t in daycare today.

I just don’t feel motivated today. In face, this picture for today was a last resort (but I think it came out pretty well actually). I just wanted to show a friend the cute ring I got for myself. Sadly the batteries died in the camera died before I could really take any more pictures. At least I had this though!

I’m getting fed up with living in Korea. Even with having a three bedroom apartment, our place it TOO small with a toddler running around. Basically we live in a giant square with areas sectioned off for bedrooms. We can’t set things up to be very baby proof and even locking the doors, they are so poorly made, that our son can jimmy the knob and open the doors. He gets into the computer and messes with stuff. I know I shouldn’t really be mad at him but I get so aggravated! Some days I wonder if I’m cut out to be a mom. And here, hubby wants a second and THIRD child. I really don’t think this is for me.

I mean, when my kid is being good he’s awesome. He really is a spectacular child. I wouldn’t trade him in for anything. I just get tired of having to tell him no all the time. He knows he shouldn’t do something but does it for attention. But I can’t entertain him ALL day. I need some me time too. I’m always available to him but he just wants all of me all the time.

Me and The Wiggles, anyway.

{June 22, 2009}   Distant

75/365 What Is My Line?

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I’m really not sure why I love my bathroom tile so much. It isn’t anything that spectacular and it gets dirty so quickly. I hate having to wash it and it even has a gritty texture to it.

But I love the color in it.

The weekend was a busy one. We ended up going to the pool for Father’s Day and David and Bradley had fun playing and going down the water slides. Bradley was so tired come the end of our day there that he was asleep before we left the parking lot. Once the a/c hit him the purr of the car just knocked him out.

David was nice enough to BBQ steak on his special day and we were entertained by The Wiggles for the evening while Bradley danced away. There is no way I could tolerate those fruity guys if it weren’t for my son dancing to them and trying to sing along. It makes the torture worth it.

So we called family today and the first thing they ask us about is North Korea shipping over toward Hawaii. Honestly, this was the first I had heard about it. How is it that being so close to “the enemy” I’m so clueless about everything? I figure, if there was a real threat to me that the military would ship me home ASAP. But it really baffles me how out of touch I am over here in Korea.

{June 20, 2009}   Disturbing Behavior

73/365 Pablo The Penguin

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Meet Pablo, my son’s bath toy. I personally have an obsession with penguins so when I saw this I had to get it for him. I got this when he was six months old. We’re only now just using it at 19 months. He was terrified of the toy! It has a small motor and the noise really upset him. For two weeks after that he would scream when we put him in the tub, even when Pablo wasn’t around. My poor kid.

Anyway, on to why I am calling this post Disturbing Behavior. No, it has nothing to do with the lame movie (that yes, I watched over and over). What is upsetting me at the moment is the sound of dogs in pain. Most people know that in Korea people eat dog. What is upsetting is that I live near a dog farm. Without getting into gory details… let’s just say they tenderize the meat while the animal is still alive. I can hear the yelps. Frankly, it makes me want to vomit. I know I need to be more accepting of other cultures but this just seems so cruel. It is one thing about here I will not miss when I return to the states.

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