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{March 18, 2010}   Exploring Alabama Part One


I’m not the best person at planning things when someone comes to visit me.  At least, I’m not great a planning things in a a town where there is nothing to do.  Luckily, Ari is an amateur photog like me and enjoys exploring places and finding things to take pictures of.  Yesterday we decided to pack into the car, despite the constant rainy drizzle, and take a drive.  Bradley fell asleep and it gave us a little time to look around.  There were a couple potential ‘shot spots’ that I wanted to point out but with the weather they wouldn’t have made for great pictures.  So we kept driving.

We took an older road, a bit over grown and in disrepair.

Jackpot.  Dead tree.  Buzzards.  Rainy and cloudy.  Ominous?

House? Barn? Hunting Shack?  It was fenced off and let’s face it, I’m not THAT brave.

We kept driving down this lonely road and found what looks to be an abandoned factory of some kind.  Except when we got out of the car to check it out, it wasn’t as abandoned as we thought.  A white truck pulled out into the area and drove in a few circles.  Not expecting that, we hopped back in the car and drove away – with the white truck following.

Not enough to deter me though.

Down 165 and to the left is rt. 18… and a fantastic abandoned house.

And yes.  I went inside.  But those are pictures for another day.


Ari says:

Lol I’m not good at planning things either. But I think you did good, and a creepy trip investigating even creepier things was just what we needed! Loving your pics!

looks like tons of fun! awesome photos too!
i wanna see inside!
i love old broken down buildings..there is an old abandoned rubber factory here that i used to visit with friends and 40oz’ers..:)

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