"Musings and Ramblings of A Convoluted Mind"

{March 16, 2010}   Mini Holiday?

Getting a blog out early.

Just wanted to let people know that yesterday’s adventure went off without a hitch.  Well, without any major ones anyway.  Getting lost in South Atlanta isn’t THAT big of a deal, right?  And the awesome thing is I got lost because of the GPS!  Stupid Garmin.

Anyway, left shortly after one after cleaning up the house a little.  Got gas and then headed up to the Atlanta airport.  No biggie.  Waited for a little and picked up Ari.  From there we went to meet a mutual Flickr friend (Heather) at Chili’s.  Well… the GPS decided to take us to this really run down apartment complex.  We hightailed it out of there and by our own means, we found Chili’s.  A queso dip, bbq chicken salad (mac and cheese for Bradley), diet soda bubbles, conversation, and a clown nose later, it was time to make the trip home.  Again, thanks to the GPS we had a slight scenic tour of a backwoods area at night.  I think I would have passed on that little detour even in daylight.

Spent a few hours last night chatting.  Photography, Mac, fashion… you know, girl talk.  The hubby was awesome and took care of the turdlette and got him to bed.

No huge plans for today.  Going to make chicken pie for dinner since ribs didn’t get thawed out.  Bummer too because I’m craving bacon wrapped asparagus.  Maybe I’ll make that anyway.  Mmmmm.

Tomorrow the hubby should be out a little early from work and then we’re off to meet another friend for dinner!  And… shopping.  Does anyone here know how long it has been since I had a child free shopping spree????  Seriously, it’s almost like a vacation.


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