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{March 14, 2010}   It’s Grow Time!

I am so excited!  I started some seeds today!  I had wanted to do egg shell babies but getting some peat was easier since we don’t consume THAT many eggs.

Today I started romaine and cucumbers.  I’m going to start jalapeno peppers and watermelon shortly and I have corn too.  There are some things that I’m more apt to purchase already started – like beefsteak tomatoes.  But I did manage to plant my cherry tomatoes, which I had started a few weeks ago, in an upside down basket with strawberries planted on top of them.  I hope they do well.  They are right outside the door so I’ll be able to pick what I need when I want it.  Mmmmm.  Fresh fruits and veggies.

I’m also on the lookout for a dwarf lemon tree.  I might have to special order it.  Fresh lemons for iced tea in the summer!  Fantastic.

he most difficult thing is putting the plot far away from the septic leach field.  I’m really wary about planting near that… but I have one spot that should be alright.  It won’t have full sun all day, but I think it will work.

No pictures today.  Maybe over this next week I’ll do a garden plot update and post images.  T

That is, if Ari doesn’t get sick of garden stuff.  She might regret this visit. ;o)


Ari says:

All I want to know is… is there anything I can take photos of yet? Lol!

That’s cool that you’re growing all those things. My mom says she’s going to get a lemon tree for her yard, that would be awesome.

i love that we have blogposts by the same name this week. really i wish we lived closer, i think we’d have a good ol time together..considering we share MANY of the same interests these days…
yeah, i’m good on seeds actually am going to have a bunch myself to give away…very nice to offer sending though! garden plan sounds awesome and your backyard plan looks AMAZING too! that hubbie of yours gots talent in the drawing department..

cognitivedistortion says:

I so totally agree. I wish we were at Fort Carson. That would only be a short drive to see you and we could do fun thrifty shopping and garden stuff!!!

Our backyard is going to change again. The area for the patio is now my garden… it is the furthest area from the septic. The fence will provide shade for some of the plants and it will get some good sun in the morning and afternoon. It gets shade from around two in the afternoon until evening. Not too bad of a place.

Hubby can draw! He is in the wrong job…

Gardener says:

Excellent work on this article. It makes for an interesting and Thoughtful read.

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