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{February 8, 2010}   The Super Fun, Super Busy, Day! *Image Heavy*

Wow! Today was a super fun, super busy day!  With spring coming around the corner the temperatures are getting better outside!  Today we nearly reached sixty degrees!  HEAT WAVE!  Of course we took Bradley outside and we played for close to four hours.

And being the mom I am and with my project Three Six Five, I had my camera fixed to my hand most of the day.

So happy to be outside playing in the nice warm sun!

And of course we had to get into EVERYTHING…

… even though we have tons of toys.

One thing about the lot our house was built on, it use to be cotton fields and farming area.  This is clearly evidenced by all the turnip we have growing in our yard!!    I’m not sure that I’ll ever feel comfortable enough to eat this, but the horses and cow sure love them!!

We were so busy exploring today!  Bradley discovered what dirt tastes like (and he didn’t enjoy it).  Even the kitty came out to play with us.


“What’s that over there?”

A plane?

A horse?

A big hole?

Bradley loved playing in the sun and in the really long grass!  Most of our lawn won’t grow but we have this one strip of long, lush, dark green grass.  Bradley decided to relax for a little while.

Too darn cute!

Mommy found a Ladybug!

Bye Bye Ladybug

Then Ashlyn came over to play!  Running, chasing… fighting over toys…

Bradley loves Ashlyn

But then it was time to go inside.  The time to play was over and Bradley was getting a little sleepy.  After a nice warm bath we had some chicken soup and a almond butter and apple jelly sandwich.

Sleep Well Bradley


That looks like a fabulous day! I love the shot of the ladybug flying away, your 365 shot, and especially Bradley sleeping on you!

Ari says:

Awwwww! REALLY great pics, looks like you guys had tons of fun. 🙂

Ashley says:

Super cute. 🙂 Wish we had some warm weather

Love these! Bradley is getting so big! how old is he now? I can never remember how far apart him and serge are. I just so happened to post about playing outside today too… but our weather was just a tad different. (aka: a foot of snow:)

cognitivedistortion says:

Bradley turned two back in November. So… he’s like 2 years 2 months? lol

I’ll have to check out your blog. I’m behind on reading… been so busy being a mom. :o)

Quave says:

Gorgeous shots! What a fun day! Good that you had a bit of sun to go play outside. I particularly liked the horse with horns! 🙂

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